Ironclad Raids

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Ironclad Raids

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Ironclad (nightmare)

20,000,000 Health

Note from the front (VI)
Souls of the Corrupt
Mystery of the Dark Court (helm)
Blood Rain Knight (troop)
Mishako's Ring (ring)
Laughing Skull Aspis (offhand)
Sparkles of Newblood (chest)
Double Strkie II (leagion)
Ironclad's Forearm Guards (gloves)

Note from the Front (V)
Souls of the Hedonist
Deathstalker's Gaurntlests (gloves)
Deathstalker's Armor (chest)
Undead Slayer (main hand)
Spectral Dagger (off hand)

Note from the Front (III)
Note from the Front (IV)
Souls of the Dissemblers
Souls of the Avaricous
Deathstalker's Boots (boots)
Deathstalker's Breeches (pants)

Note from the Front(I)
Note from the Front(II)
Soul-Catchers Cloth
Souls of the Violent
Emergency Undead Basher (main hand)
Deathstalker's Mask (helm)


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