Tithrasia Raids

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Tithrasia Raids

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Tithrasia (NIghtmare)
Small Raid - 36,000,000 Health - 120 Hours

Epic: Flag 10, Orange Flute, Magic Dust (orange), Golemite Ore, Kane's Vambraces (gloves), Kane's Cuisses (pants), Cerebral Assault (legion), Springing Stabber (troop), Warwalker's Signet (ring)

Rare: Flag 9, Purple Flute, Magic Dust (Purple), Greater Midas' Touch (Magic), Nordent Mail Hauberk (chest)

Uncommon: Flag 8, Green Flute, Blue Flute, Magic Dust (blue), Nordent Spangenhelm (helm), Nordent Breeches (pants)

Common: Flag 6, Flag 7, Brown Flute, Grey Flute, Enchanted Water, Nordent Bracers (gloves), Nordent Boots (boots)


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