How to list loot

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How to list loot

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:01 am

FIrst we need to do this in order from first monster to last then Guild monsters.
One monster per thread.
Also follow this template for each monster.

Small Raids

Small - 10 People Max
Small Raids have 2 Magic slots.

Chieftain Horgrak(normal)
150,000 Health - 168 hours
Burden's Rest- Fields

Short Spear (main hand),
Town Guard (troop),
Steel Breastplate (chest),
Farmhand (troop)
Rare: Brass Gloves (gloves),
Small Shield (offhand),
Bronze Helm (helm),
Parrying Dagger (main hand)

Green Hilted Spear,
Blue Hilted Spear,
Green Flute,
Blue Flute,
Garnet Ring (ring),
Night Blade (troop),
Captain's Hammer (main hand)

Brown Hilted Spear,
Grey Hilted Spear
Brown Flute,
Grey Flute,
Studded Leather Chest (chest),
Studded Leather Pants (pants),
Studded Leather Gloves (gloves),
Studded Leather Boots (boots)


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