Briareus the Butcher Raids

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Briareus the Butcher Raids

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:55 pm

Briareus the Butcher(normal)

4,500,000 Health - 72 hours
Fallows- Rubicar River

Orange Trim Hammer,
Orange Flute,
Ullis the Soultaker (general),
The Warwalker's Boots (boots),
Batwing Shield (offhand),
Kilt of the Lost Legion (pants)

Purple Trim Ring,
Purple Flute,
Adamantite Breastplate (chest),
Flash Blade (offhand)

Green Trim Boots,
Blue Trim Chest,
Green Flute,
Blue Flute,
Pearl Ring (ring),
Night Blade (troop),
Captain's Hammer (main hand)

Brown Trim Helm,
Grey Trim Shield,
Brown Flute,
Grey Flute,
Diomede's Cuirass (chest),
Gauntlets of Diomede (gloves),
Diomede's Legplates (pants),
Diomede's Sabatons (boots),
Helm of Diomede (helm)


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